MCCA (Multi Constant Current Anemometer)

The MCCA based on a net of heated wires is a unique and patented solution for flow sensing in minimum installation space and practically no pressure loss. The great advantage of this device compared to conventional flowmeters is its invariance to velocity field in the control plane. The flowmeter additionally exports the preview of velocity field with limited local velocity accuracy. The only limitation of the sensors is that the velocity needs to be perpendicular to the control plane in the entire plane (this can be enforced by using honeycomb in front of the sensor). Besides velocity field the sensor also monitors the temperature field and therefore the heat flux through the control volume can be calculated. Besides standardized sizes the device can be supplied in custom size (from 15 x 15 cm to 55 x 75 cm). Just as any other device from our portfolio the MCCA is digital and it is therefore possible to easily combine it with any other products from our portfolio. The measurement system is formed by a Central Unit with ETHERNET connection and a very simple to use software interface for data readout.

A complete technical specification can be found here.

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